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Ultra Electronics AEP is a specialist business unit within Ultra Electronics providing commercial organisations, governments and defence forces with highly secure and resilient solutions for Cryptographic Applications, Data and Voice Encryption, Communications Routers and Automated Payments. 

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ULTRA_AEP Great article in the @MailOnline about the Guardians of the Internet @ICANN using AEP's Keyper HSM. #InfoSecurity
ULTRA_AEP RT @virtualgraffiti: .@ULTRA_AEP announces new entry-level Keyper Hardware Security Modules
ULTRA_AEP Come along to @UltraIdentity stand at #Cartes to learn more about our HSM for transaction switching. #Banking #Secure
ULTRA_AEP EU & UK step up efforts to protect banks from cybercrime by @SCMagazine Read more about DNSSEC